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    Established in 1798, Ardbeg Distillery is a Scottish whiskey distillery located in Ardbeg on the Isle of Islay, Argyll and Bute in Scotland. Owned by Louis Vuitton Mot Hennessy, the distillery produces Islay whiskey that is extensively peated and also uses high quality malted barley from Port Ellen's Maltings. However, Ardbeg only started commercial production in 1815 and only produced mixed whiskeys and no single malts. With only 60 employees, they produced 300,000 gallons of alcohol in 1886.

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    Ardbeg 12 Jahre
    Darkness Oloroso Cask Finish
    Ardbeg 12 Years Darkness Oloroso Cask Finish 48.4% 0.5l
    Auf Lager (4)
    Traigh Bhan 19 Jahre Batch 4
    Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Years Batch 4 46.2% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (>6)
    For Discussion 8 Jahre
    Ardbeg For Discussion 8 Years 50.8% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (>6)
    Ardbeg Ardcore Islay Single Malt
    Ardbeg Ardcore Islay Single Malt
    Ardbeg Ardcore Islay Single Malt 46% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (4)
    Ardbeg An Oa
    Ardbeg An Oa
    Ardbeg An Oa 2021 46.6% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (3)
    Ardbeg Fermutation 13 Jahre
    Ardbeg Fermutation 13 years 49.4% 0.7l
    Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Jahre
    Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Years Batch 3 46.2% 0.7l
    Ardbeg Three Monsters of Smoke 46.0% 46.6% 47.4% 3x0.2l

    Ardbeg whiskey production

    For a distillery with only two pot stills, the output is remarkably large. The wash still and spirit still each have a capacity of around 18,000 and 17,000 liters respectively. As a result, around 10,000 barrels (1.4 million liters) of spirits are produced annually. The distillery employs around sixty people and also offers them accommodation on site. A new distillery has been under construction since 2018, doubling Ardbeg's distillation capacity. To study how the Ardbeg spirit and the wood particles interacted, 20 vials each were transported to the International Space Station in 2011. They came back on September 12, 2014. The longest fermentation in Ardbeg's history, was released from the distillery in 2022. When the washback lids had to be opened at Ardbeg Distillery, a three-week fermentation began.

    Ardbeg Scorch

    Her heart begins to race for a moment when Ardbeg announces a new phrase, before fatalistic cynicism sets in. The Ardbeg Paradox states that you probably shouldn't waste your time trying any releases from the distillery. Call me a Groucho-Marxist, but I wouldn't buy an Ardbeg Limited Edition if I had the chance. Ardbeg Scorch is available in online stores. Did you notice that this Catch-22 is a version of Yogi Berra's amusing remark about a New York eatery that fits (whether intentionally or not) the theme of the great Big Apple humorists: 'Shopper, collector and fins alike' insatiable appetite for Ardbeg has driven away potential enthusiasts.

    Tasting Notes Reviews of Ardbeg Scorch

    Colour: Pale gold with a matte shade. On the nose: Sweet, fruity, and smoky scents fall into three fairly equal groups. We have decadent vanilla buttercream and powdered sugar in the first group. There are plenty of ripe melons, limes, and even a small slice of red apple that's wormed its way under the "fruit" category. The smoky flavors are very clean and the light peat influence combines with iodine balancing components to give it a more coastal flavor. This whiskey has a brief iodine-like austerity on the palate before a delicious marriage of maritime flavors (mussels, saltwater) along with some subtly contained dry campfire ash smokiness blooms on the front of the tongue. As it reaches the tip of the tongue, it becomes citrus-style tart fruity and a more synthetic taste of synthetic vanilla makes its way. Before this largely disintegrates in terms of taste and texture, a sharp stonyness sets in again. Regrettably, when the whiskey is ready, it disappears in a mess of hazy and watered-down aromas.

    Ardbeg Uigeadail

    A nice drop of Ardbeg at cask strength. The combination of Ardbeg aged in sherry casks and bourbon casks gives this malt a sweet and smoky aftertaste. The lake from which all the water in Ardbeg flows is called Uigeadail. A really great whisky, perhaps the best bargain in the core range after Airigh Nam Best was discontinued.

    Ardbeg uigeadail tasting notes

    Nose: Chocolate covered caramel and barley sugar with smoky leather, raisins and linseed oil. Palate: Chewy and oily with rich fruitcake sweetness leading to honey and grill smoke. Finish: Long, dry and sweet with honey and syrup.

    Ardbeg 10 whisky

    Ardbeg 10 Year Old is a legendary whiskey packed with a strong peaty flavor and a favorite with many whiskey connoisseurs worldwide. Produced on Islay's Kildalton coast, this single malt is aged for ten years before being ambient filtered and bottled. This is the ideal whiskey if you prefer smoke, sea and other flavors. Tasting notes Nose: A vanilla-scented hill leads to a peat hill crowned with citrus fruits and surrounded by clouds of spray. Palate: That familiar and loved rushing Ardbeg smoke, followed by lemon and lime to balance out the sweet vanilla. Finish: Sea salted caramel and smoke from a beach bonfire. Overall: Exact balance, substantial smoke and unfiltered. That's why this whiskey is so well known.

    Ardbeg An Oa

    Offering the Kildaton coast (where Ardbeg Distillery is located) some protection from the worst the Atlantic has to offer, the Mull of Oa on south-west Islay has given Ardbeg An Oa its name. As such, Ardbeg aims to present a more accessible aspect of Ardbeg Single Malt that is as round as the Oa Peninsula while maintaining the distinctive distillery style. In the summer of 2017, this was included in Ardbeg's main range for the first time in over ten years. In the laboratory of Dr. Bill Lumsden used a variety of casks including Pedro Ximénez, charred virgin oak and ex-bourbon for aging. Tasting Notes Nose: Creamy, sweet Ardbeg has undertones of mixed candy, fennel seed, tobacco leaf, caramel and honey nut clusters (fruit, Everton mint and menthol). The rich and delicate citrus flavors are reminiscent of flourless orange cake. Palate: Still plenty of peaty power on the palate, albeit perhaps with a lesser body. Golden syrup flapjacks and cigar notes, with sweet black tea and hints of chocolate lime in the aftertaste. Finish: A hint of peanut brittle lingers along with smoky molasses.

    Ardbeg Corryvreckan

    Ardbeg's Corryvreckan is the result of the distillery on Islay's Kildalton coast seeking to create a whiskey with a more medicinal flavor profile than its typical expressions. It's intensely peaty and incredibly satisfying. Corryvreckan is a powerful dram that we love, and it's aptly named after a nearby hot tub. Tasting notes Band-aid, buttery, creamy, crispy roast chicken, herbaceous, almost piney on the nose... Palate: clementines, cream, spices, tingling, fresh fruit, band-aids and medicinal aromas. zest of oranges. Finish: Salty, more medicinal, smoked meat, asphalt, chili, salt, peat is short. In general: amazing.

    Ardbeg Ardcore

    Ardcore goes with Ardbeg! The Islay distillery used roasted black malt to create this limited edition whiskey, giving it a strong flavor character that the label likened to "biting a prickly ball". No taste we've ever noticed before. Put on some loud music, pour in a glass of beer and enjoy as it has loads of punk livery on its label. Some countries have banned the Ardbeg Ardcore. Nose: Tar threads, grapefruit zest, toast, menthol, lingering peat smoke. Palate: Anise, more citrus notes, ash, mint, vanilla bean and roasted barley. Finish: Salty liquorice, leather and cedar.

    Ardbeg Wee Beastie

    Bottled at the age of five, young single malt Ardbeg's Wee Beastie is made from a blend of ex-Bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks. Peaty notes dominate for this one, with the oak taking a back seat since then. It didn't stay in those barrels very long, you know. However, don't assume that Wee Beastie is a plain whiskey. Still, she has a pleasant flavor profile that should please many Ardbeg enthusiasts. Flavor notes Sea air, rock pools, smoked malt and damp campfirewood are there first, then waves of fragrant, slightly herbal smoke begin to move through. Along with flavors of spare ribs, lemon sorbet, black pepper and wood shavings, sweetness is added by hints of brown sugar, pear candy, some vanilla and cooked apple. I adore that nose; it smells smoky and musty and reminds me of a campfire by the sea.

    Ardbeg 8

    This eight-year-old single malt from Ardbeg is a rough young whiskey that was initially only available to board members. It was made sophisticated.

    Ardbeg fermutation

    The brand's committee members get access to a limited edition called the Ardbeg Fermutation. The wash in the distillery's six fermented washbacks took three weeks instead of the usual three days in December 2007 due to a problem with the distillery's boilers, making this the longest fermentation in Ardbeg history. Ardbeg Fermutation is available worldwide. Tasting Notes Scents of burning herbs such as sage, thyme and tarragon mingle with those of seaweed and brine in a nose very beachy. This light to medium-bodied whiskey has a flavor that tends toward savory flavors rather than sweet ones. It tastes salty, salty and herbaceous, almost like a liquid version of a herb cracker with sea salt on top. It gets a little sweeter with each subsequent taste, with notes of tart apricot, pear, golden apple and hints of honey. The smoke aspect has a faint rubber tire undertone and reminds me of a newly lit BBQ pit on the beach. The finish leaves a lingering smoky-sweet-salty flavor profile with hints of spice.

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