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    There is a Speyside whiskey distillery called Glenfarclas in Ballindalloch, Scotland. Glenfarclas, meaning valley of green grass, is a Scottish name. The Grant family owns and operates the distillery. Six stills, the largest on Speyside, are located in the distillery and are directly heated by gas burners.

    Around 4 million liters of spirits can be produced in the distillery every year. Two stills are often held in reserve while the other two are used for production.
    Approximately 68,000 casks from each year since 1953 to date are currently maturing at the distillery in on-site dunnage warehouses. Traditional Highland malt with a strong sherry flavor is produced by Glenfarclas. Glenfarclas is available in various offline and online stores
    11 products
    Christmas Edition 11 Jahre
    Glenfarclas Christmas Edition 11 Years 2022 46% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (>6)
    Glenfarclas 15 Jahre
    Glenfarclas 15 Jahre
    Glenfarclas 15 Years 2022 46% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (3)
    Glenfarclas The Family Cask 2005
    Glenfarclas 2005/2021 The Family Cask #2461 59.7% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (1)
    Glenfarclas Christmas Edition 2012
    Glenfarclas Christmas Edition 2012/2021 46% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (1)
    Glenfarclas The Family Casks 20072021
    Glenfarclas The Family Casks 2007/2021 Cask No. 1258 Single Malt Whiskey 60.9% 0.7l
    Auf Lager (1)
    Glenfarclas 40 Jahre
    Glenfarclas 40 Years 2022 Sherry Casks 43% 0.7l
    Glenfarclas Christmas Edition
    Glenfarclas Christmas Edition 2010 46% 0.7l
    Glenfarclas 25 years Abf. 2022 43% 0.7l
    Glenfarclas Tripack
    Glenfarclas Tripack
    Glenfarclas Tripack (15/21/25) 44% 3x0.2l
    Glenfarclas 17
    Glenfarclas 17 Years Single Highland Malt Scotch Whiskey 43% 0.7l

    Historical background of Glenfarclas

    It is documented that the distillery had its first activities before 1791. When Robert Hay took over, the distillery was licensed for the first time in 1836. It was acquired by John Grant on June 8, 1865 and is still owned and operated by his heirs, making it truly autonomous. George G. Grant, son of John Grant, was assigned to oversee operations at Glenfarclas. After the death of George G. Grant in 1890, his widow Elsie took over the distillery's license. Elsie eventually handed over active management of the distillery to her sons John and George in the years that followed. At the height of the whiskey boom in August 1896, The Grants entered into partnership with Pattisons Ltd. a. The Grants regained full control of the distillery after the ensuing crash. In 1913 John retired due to ill health and George took over the business as sole owner. George Grant's sons, George S. Grant and John P. Grant, acquired ownership of Glenfarclas in 1947 and made it a limited company. The current Chairman is John LS Grant who joined Glenfarclas in 1973. George S. Grant, his son, serves as sales director. Whiskey Magazine named the company Distiller of the Year in 2006. Pol Roger Ltd. has been selling Glenfarclas in the UK since 2006. Beginning with the Glenfarclas Cross Country Handicap Chase in Cheltenham in 2008, the company began sponsoring horse racing. At the 17th Annual Malt AdvocateWhiskey Awards 2011, the 40-year-old was awarded 46% vol. expression was named "Scotch Whiskey Single Malt of the Year". The distillery's visitor center was broken into in May 2022 and more than £100,000 worth of whiskey was stolen. Exclusive Bottles The Family Casks, a collection of 43 single cask bottlings including one from each year from 1952 to 1994, was launched by Glenfarclas in 2007. The distillery no longer has any casks from 1952 or 1953, although the collection now dates back to 2001. To commemorate the distillery's 175th anniversary, Glenfarclas launched a limited edition bottle in January 2011. The £511.19s.0d Family Reserve, another limited edition bottle from Glenfarclas, was launched in June 2015. This initiative was started to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Grant family ownership of the distillery. The name of this bottle alludes to the sum that John Grant paid for the distillery in 1865. Each bottle sold is accompanied by a duplicate of the distillery's original purchase invoice. Glenfarclas also released a limited edition of its 60 year old bottle in 2015. According to Glenfarclas, only 360 bottles were offered worldwide. Crafted in a first-fill sherry butt, this 60-year-old whiskey comes from one of their last casks, dating back to 1953, which contributes to its vibrant and full-bodied flavor.

    1. Glenfarclas 25

    Here, from a long-established family distillery, a truly traditional Speysider is created. This 25 year old single malt from Glenfarclas spent its entire life in 100% Oloroso sherry casks. It's a sophisticated, elegant sherry whiskey that won't let you down. It took home the gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2019 and is a delicious after-dinner drink. Tasting Notes of Glenfarclas 25 Nose: A faint note of menthol. Traditional sherry flavors may be less obvious than the 15 year old, but the complexity is higher. Palate: The mid-palate is incredibly clear but extremely tart. Sparkling top notes of sherry, creamy barley, gingerbread aromas and nutty chocolate aromas. Finish: The finish is extremely long and complex, rich in wood, with overtones of smoke, cocoa and butter.

    2. Glenfarclas 15

    A fantastic 15 year old Glenfarclas whiskey with lots of dried fruit notes transformed into sherry. Because George Grant's grandfather loved him at this level, he is currently bottled at 46% ABV. Luckily, this also gives the Speysider a big, luscious, Christmas cake-like profile. A fantastically complex Scotch that is also easy to drink. Tasting notes Nose: Powerful, intense sherry on the nose. Cream sherry, Pedro Ximenez? almost... a hint of peppermint? This has a rancio-like character. Palate: On the palate raisins, more sherry, orange peel, walnuts and dates. Finish: Extremely long, complicated and with added walnuts.

    3. Glenfarclas 21

    a 21 year old whiskey from Glenfarclas that has been heavily sherry treated. This delivers a ton of depth, a thick mouthful, and great value. Nose: apple, orange and less sherry than the 15 year old. Peppermint again. Palate: Incredibly smooth on the palate. A perfect smoothness and a round taste, rich in barley that leaves you craving more... Finish: Long, rich in barley, incredibly smooth, hardly any oak aroma. Overall: It was lovely. could impart some smoothing knowledge to Roger Moore.

    Glenfarclas 105

    The history of the outstanding cask strength Glenfarclas 105 Scotch dates back to 1968. Glenfarclas was the first distillery to launch a cask proof single malt whiskey when the first iteration of the drink was released this year. The label was later changed to 105 to reflect the British Proof alcohol concentration, which is now 60% ABV. The 105 is an unusual Glenfarclas bottling as it currently lacks an age statement. However, there are rumors that it is aged for 8-10 years in a mix of ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks. The 105 is a fantastic whiskey voted the best 'bang for your buck' whiskey by the Malt Maniacs in 2004. It is dry, assertive and richly flavored. Don't be put off by the ABV; There are many flavors to enjoy here. If you want to explore its depth, add a drop of water. Tasting notes Nose: great depth, sherry. Creamy and nutty, honey on toast, hints of smoky coffee. Palate: Silky, spicy and peppery oak. Almond, praline, hazelnut, dried peel, fruity. A touch of Armagnac, maybe a touch of Rancio? Finish: Long, peppery and nutty.

    Glenfarclas 12

    Rich in sherry and fruit, Glenfarclas 12 was originally bottled for export and travel retail. It won gold at the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival in 2007 and 2008 and was named Best Sherried Whiskey at the 2006 Single Malt World Cup. Flavor Notes Nose: Creamy and light, with a blend of Manuka honey and smooth, smooth sherry. There are smooth, well-balanced hints of smoke, rich oak and a tiny bit of pine resin. Palate: Medium bodied, with flavors of earthy forest soil, Oloroso sherry and the date and walnut cake on the palate. A nice malt note with toffee apple and a hint of smoke. Finish: Spicy and lingering, with notes of cinnamon, clove and allspice, as well as orange peel and sherry.

    Glenfarclas 10

    This exquisite whiskey from the famous Glenfarclas Distillery is a magnificent representation of the Speyside style. It is far more complex than you would expect from a 10 year old dram as it is matured exclusively in 100% Oloroso sherry casks. A welcome smooth whiskey that has quickly become a collection favourite. Excellent value for money and ideal for an aperitif. Nose: Malt and barley blend with a ton of sweet, juicy sherry flavors. The creaminess of toffee is replaced by subtle honey, vanilla and orchard fruit. Palate: Delicious dried fruit and sherry richness on the palate, along with delicate complex winter spices and fruitcake, with hints of smoke and light toffee. Finish: Long lasting, silky, fruity and peppery with hints of wood.

    Glenfarclas 18

    Glenfarclas Family Cask

    This 31 year old Glenfarclas 1989 was bottled from a single sherry butt at its natural cask strength of 51.9% from Glenfarclas' Family Casks Summer 2021. Glenfarclas 1989 Cask #13007 produced a generous 606 bottles but we don't expect it to last long as the 1989 Glenfarclas vintage has already resulted in some stunning bottlings for The Family Casks and this one seems to be another madness at a near ideal bottling to be natural drinking strength.

    Glenfarclas 40

    The aroma of Glenfarcla's 40 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is reminiscent of lounging in an old leather chair while munching on walnuts and chocolate-covered raisins. It is a rich, dark, mysterious gold color. The initial taste is sweet due to the orange segments covered in liquid chocolate. Then, in the back of the mouth, there was a wonderful taste of burnt brown sugar. The finish is richer, dark cocoa beans and big, dry tannins. To fully open the sip, allow the whiskey to breathe or add a drop or two of water.

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